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Haven’t Seen Your Dentist In A While?

At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we create smiles for a lifetime, and as your Fort Lauderdale Dentists we make it a point to create the most calming environment possible for YOU as you receive your oral therapy. However, for some, a visit to the Dentist can be nerve wracking, causing individuals to put-off regular check-ups. We are changing this notion […]

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Four Life Hacks for Healthy Teeth and Gums 

Everyone wants clean teeth and healthy gums. After all oral health is an indicator of overall good health . After oral therapy to restore your oral health from Drs. Abraham and Thomas, maintaining a healthy smile can be easy, and following these life hacks will make it even more manageable. We recommend holding very hot water (almost as hot as […]

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Have the Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. If you’ve stopped smiling because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you are missing out on an opportunity to showcase the unique part of you. We at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry want you to smile, and to feel confident in yourself. We offer a range of treatments to […]

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Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

We all have habits. Some are great, like brushing and flossing everyday; some are not so great, like smoking and drinking beverages that contain sugar and starches. Those bad habits are obviously detrimental to your teeth as smoking stains your teeth. As your Sea Ranch Lakes Dentist we wanted to point out a few other innocuous habits that can cause […]

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Foods that are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

When it comes to choosing your mid-afternoon snack, it is important to think of a variety of factors – including the impact that snack may have on your dental health. We previously looked at the foods that your teeth crave because of their beneficial traits, but here is a list of the foods to avoid when taking care of your […]

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Don’t Let those Laugh Lines Keep You from Smiling

Your smile is absolutely stunning—but did you know that it’s giving you wrinkles? Don’t stop smiling just yet! At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we proudly offer anti-aging treatments to combat those unsightly lines caused by that beautiful smile of yours. Have you been looking in the mirror and wondering where all those wrinkles came from? These lines didn’t just show […]