Jacqueline J.

“I live out of town now, but specifically visit Valerie & Dr Thomas’ office when I’m in Fort Lauderdale because of the wonderful care I receive there. So grateful for their knowledgeable staff and gentle care! Thx you guys! See you in 6 months.”


“I had an apt today and left with sparkling teeth and a big smile. Dr. and staff are top notch and I’m actually not intimidated about my upcoming wisdom tooth extraction – I feel I’m in great hands here! I recommend highly.”


“As a dentist myself who has had my own private dental practice a mile from Dr. Joe for a decade and a half, let me tell you… I would have Dr. Joe as my dentist. That should tell you a lot.”


“I live in the area and always go to Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast which is next door to Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry. My tooth split down the middle while I was eating a banana and needed to be seen by a dentist immediately. The two girls that work there greeted me with a friendly smile and gave me a tour […]


“Ethical and what a Master Surgeon Dr. Thomas is! I am a Specialist myself at a local Holy Cross Hospital and was recommended to Dr. Thomas by my fellow physicians. I was skeptical and afraid, so did not tell Dr. Thomas that I was a medical professional myself. He spent over an hour in my exam and explained everything especially […]


“The practice is the state-of-the-art and top of the line. It is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had in a medical or dental facility. The staff were so courteous and hospitable. The massaging plush chairs and painless treatment made me doze off. I cannot wait for my next appointment in six months.”