Four Life Hacks for Healthy Teeth and Gums 

Everyone wants clean teeth and healthy gums. After all oral health is an indicator of overall good health . After oral therapy to restore your oral health from Drs. Abraham and Thomas, maintaining a healthy smile can be easy, and following these life hacks will make it even more manageable.

  • We recommend holding very hot water (almost as hot as hot tea) for 30 seconds three times per day or as often as you remember. The high temperature soothes and stimulates healing and does have a detrimental and lethal effect on the surface bacteria. Please remember that the contact temperature is negated if you squish the water around, which is why we suggest that you just hold it.
  • Brush your teeth with a small round and soft bristle electric toothbrush. Use toothpaste. The round brush head is recommended to be one that spins mechanically clockwise and counterclockwise. Please brush all surfaces of each individual tooth (just the teeth you want to keep for a lifetime).
  • Floss daily without lacerating your gums, to dislodge food, bacteria, plaque and calculus from the hard to access contact surfaces, on and between each tooth/teeth.
  • Pressure wash the loosened food particles, bacteria, plaque and calculus from between your teeth with a hydro floss, direct the tip of the oral irrigator to the gum line and follow the scalloped outline of the gum, to the triangular spaces in between each tooth.

These life hacks should keep your teeth healthy in between oral therapies. The next time you head down to Sea Ranch Lakes to see your favorite Dentists, they will be happy with how well you’ve taken care of your pearly whites.