Foods that are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

When it comes to choosing your mid-afternoon snack, it is important to think of a variety of factors – including the impact that snack may have on your dental health.

We previously looked at the foods that your teeth crave because of their beneficial traits, but here is a list of the foods to avoid when taking care of your pearly whites. Some of the items may surprise you…

  1. Dried fruit: You may have thought that fruit in any way, shape, or form was good for you. In reality, though, dried fruits have a higher sugar content combined with a sticky nature that can make it difficult to remove the sugar before it damages enamel.
  2. Potato Chips: These salty treats and others like them may hit the spot for your snack craving, but the starches they possess get easily trapped in the crevices of your teeth. These starches turn to sugar and can cause cavities. When you do indulge, be sure to drink plenty of water and brush and floss afterwards.

As your Sea Lakes Ranch dentist, we have your best dental interests in mind – after all, it’s all about you! We want the best for your smile now and for years to come. Following the tips above, practicing good oral hygiene at home, and making time for regular oral therapy here at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry will help to ensure that you have a smile to be proud of.