Futue of Dentistry Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

The Future of Dentistry With Galileos 3D CBCT Imaging Scans

Here at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, we like to stay ahead of the cutting edge of Dental diagnostic technology, SOLELY for your benefit. If you have just 14 seconds, we can complete a full 3D CBCT scan of your face and teeth. Utilizing Galileos 3D CBCT Imaging technology, we are able to provide YOU a comfortable and very precise scan […]

Porcelain Crowns Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

CEREC All Porcelain Crowns

Here at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, we understand that accidents happen. A broken tooth should not keep you hiding at home and unsightly decay should not leave you feeling embarrassed about your smile. With the help of state-of-the-art CEREC Crown technology, Drs. Thomas and Abraham can restore your beautiful smile in just a few hours. While typical dental crown placement […]

Healthy Teeth Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Healthy Teeth Make for a Healthy Heart

In 2012 the American Heart Association released a statement that supported the correlation of gum disease and heart disease. There is some unexplained relationship between healthy gums and a healthy heart. And over at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, we believe that is something that is of vital importance to your long term health and welfare. The studies found people with […]

Invisalign Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

We Provide Invisalign as an Alternative to Braces

Many people desire the perfect smile. However, sometimes the perfect smile requires fixing the crooked teeth. Traditionally, braces were the only answer to this unsightly problem. Although most smart adults want perfect teeth, they are understandably embarrassed by the thought of conspicuous brackets adorning their smiles for one to two years. At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we have the perfect, […]

Dental Implants and Dentures Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures: What is Your Best Option?

If you have lost ANY of your teeth through neglect or trauma, you might find it hard to decide what to do next. Missing teeth can be unsightly, lower your confidence, and lead to other dental problems. It makes eating and speaking a challenge as well. As your trusted Dentists in Fort Lauderdale, we want you to be aware of […]

How to brush teeth Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Haven’t Seen Your Dentist In A While?

At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we create smiles for a lifetime, and as your Fort Lauderdale Dentists we make it a point to create the most calming environment possible for YOU as you receive your oral therapy. However, for some, a visit to the Dentist can be nerve wracking, causing individuals to put-off regular check-ups. We are changing this notion […]