Putting a Stop to Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth are a part of almost everything you do, which means sensitive teeth can put a real damper on your life. At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we want you to know that there’s no reason for you to suffer from tooth sensitivity and that we’re here to help!

Tooth sensitivity is when your teeth feel pain due to being exposed to hot or cold substances like coffee and ice cream. According to the American Dental Association, possible causes include:

  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Worn fillings
  • Gum disease
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Exposed tooth rot

Dr. Thomas will be glad to discuss your specific case in detail and provide you with the available treatment options depending on your personal needs and desires. The following treatment options are possible solutions to your sensitivity:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste
  • Fluoride gel
  • Crown, inlay, or bonding
  • Surgical gum graft
  • Root canal

As your go-to dentistry in Ft. Lauderdale we look forward to helping you find relief from tooth sensitivity. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with our caring and professional staff.