What Are Your Teeth Hungry For?

Just as your diet impacts your overall health, your diet has the ability to greatly impact your teeth. Unhealthy teeth and gums are often some of the first signs of malnutrition. The good news is that making healthy eating choices will result in healthy teeth! What are the foods your teeth crave anyway?

  • Fruits and vegetables. While most people look at fruits and veggies as sides, these foods should actually make up half of most of your meals. These foods are high in fiber and water.
  • Milk, cheese, plain yogurt and other low-fat dairy products provide your teeth with the calcium they need.
  • Fish, milk, poultry, and eggs provide your teeth with phosphorous, an essential mineral to your dental health.

You won’t believe how adding a few healthy staples to your diet will impact the health of your teeth. And don’t forget the water; fluoridated water is the best beverage for your teeth. If you have any questions about making food choices to improve your dental health, we encourage you to contact Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas. We look forward to serving as your dentist here in South Florida.