Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Smile

At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we’re all about providing our patients with the necessary resources to properly care for their teeth between dental office visits. While part of that is knowing what habits are good for your teeth, the other part is knowing what habits are bad for your teeth. We wanted you to be aware of the foods you should be avoiding to maintain optimal dental health.

While sugary foods can be very tempting, they should be avoided. Not only do sugary foods not add any nutritional value to your diet, but they stick to your teeth. Mouth bacteria feed off the sugar, in turn releasing acid and results in tooth decay. Sodas, lemonade, and juice are all detrimental to your teeth as they coat your teeth in sugar over and over. You might be surprised to learn that even tomatoes and citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can have an adverse affect on your teeth and should only be eaten as part of a meal, not alone. Dried fruit like raisins are good for your overall health, but stick to your teeth and cause harm even after you’re done eating them.

At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we realize that maintaining good dental health requires a great balance of diet and hygiene habits, and that balance is much easier to maintain with a compassionate, qualified dental health professional on your side. If you have any questions for Dr. Thomas regarding your diet or dental hygiene habits, please don’t hesitate to contact our caring office. We look forward to meeting the needs and desires of your dental care.