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How is Your Morning Habit Affecting Your Teeth?

Are you a big coffee drinker? While coffee can have a positive impact on your energy level, it can have quite the negative impact on the appearance of your teeth. Not to worry, at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we’ll bring those pearly whites back to life! If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’ve likely noticed how difficult it can be […]

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How Will Your Smile Benefit from Tax Day?

Smile; Tax Day is finally here! While we know that this isn’t exactly a popular day of the year, it’s great to have it almost over with. How will you celebrate putting another tax season behind you? Are you expecting a smile-worthy tax return? Regardless of whether you owe money or you’re getting money back, tax season can be a […]

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Benefits of Regular Oral Therapy Treatments

At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we believe that dental cleanings are what our patients do in the privacy of their home each morning and night with a toothbrush. Our professional dental cleanings or oral therapies are comprehensive treatments designed to ensure your long lasting healthy smile. While some people might think simply brushing your teeth twice a day will do […]