Healthy Teeth Make for a Healthy Heart

In 2012 the American Heart Association released a statement that supported the correlation of gum disease and heart disease. There is some unexplained relationship between healthy gums and a healthy heart. And over at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, we believe that is something that is of vital importance to your long term health and welfare.

The studies found people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to have heart disease. One study even discovered that that having cavities, gingivitis and missing teeth were also precursory to heart disease as was elevated cholesterol levels.

Dr. Thomas and Abraham know that the mouth is the gateway to the entire body and if you want an overall healthy body, impeccable oral health is a great way to start. The best way to assure you have healthy teeth is by brushing the teeth that you want to keep, atleast twice each day, flossing, eating a balanced diet rich in calcium and nutrients as well as schedule regular oral therapies with your Fort Lauderdale Dentist, Drs. Abraham and Thomas.

While definitive research linking these two diseases is still ongoing, their correlation is hard to ignore. If you can keep your gums healthy by flossing, brushing and scheduling regular oral therapies with your Fort Lauderdale Dentist, you are doing your heart a big favor.