Simple Dental Trivia for YOU

 Of all of your daily routines, we hope that brushing is the easiest. Brushing twice a day can keep your teeth clean, healthy and white. Add flossing every day, and you can dislodge bacterial plaque from off your teeth and improve your gum health. These two easy steps have proven to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Oil pulling – Is the practice of swishing edible oil around in your mouth for five minutes every day. This practice was an ancient folk remedy that claimed to whiten teeth and improve oral and overall health. Similar to spraying oil on a pond to kill mosquito larvae. However, there are no scientific research studies that confirm the effectiveness of this practice in the human mouth. Instead of swishing distasteful oil in your mouth for five minutes, you could just use toothpaste and brush for two.

Oral piercings – To have a bauble in the lip or tongue may appear trendy, and stylish, but infection wicking down the pierced tracts, excessive drooling, and broken teeth are not. Oral piercings can be dangerous to your health as there is an abundance of bacteria in your mouth and you can also damage or chip your teeth and gums from the common habit of biting or playing with a piercing.

If you’re looking to brighten your smile or keep a clean, healthy mouth, don’t turn to fads. Ask your trusted Fort Lauderdale Dentists for their research-based scientific advice. Drs. Thomas and Abraham are here to help you maintain impeccable oral health, and have treatment options and therapies designed to keep YOU smiling, healthy and happy.