Reduce or Eliminate Staining of Your Teeth

We all indulge and pleasure ourselves. Whether it is reality TV, catchy pop songs, or lots of chocolate, caffeine, smoking, chewing…..sometimes you just might choose to indulge. Here at our Office Drs. Abraham and Thomas, understand that oftentimes these pleasures do put embarrassing stains on your teeth. Here are the top three socially entrained vices that cause unsightly teeth-staining:

Red Wine – A glass with dinner can be hard to resist, red wine has a high acid content so it can etch, roughen and damage your enamel. Red wine contains chromogens that are notorious for staining teeth.

Coffee/Tea – Almost everyone has heard that coffee and tea can stain your teeth, but we understand that it may be hard to get your day going without your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Tobacco – Either smoked or chewed, nicotine and tar both settle in the oral cavity especially on the porous roots and calculus, resulting in gross discoloration. Even the best oral hygiene habits cannot eliminate staining from tobacco use. Though the healthiest option would be to minimize or quit smoking, this is realistically complied with, periodic cleanings and oral therapy provided by hygienist and your Dentist may be necessary to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Here at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, we do not think you need to give up any of your adult pleasurable habits, we just want to partner with you and inform you of how to reduce the staining effect on your pearly white teeth while indulging. Schedule a consultation and regular oral therapies with your Fort Lauderdale Dentists to keep your smile healthy and gleaming white.