Tips to Quit Smoking and Keep Smiling

At our established Dental Office here in South Florida we’ve treated many people that smoke or used to smoke. As we discussed in our recent blog, smoking has the ability to tremendously affect your dental health in a negative way. If you’re thinking about giving up this unhealthy habit, consider the following tips for quitting:


  • Know exactly why you are quitting. We all know that smoking is generally bad for us, but why do you specifically want to give it up? Give yourself a solid reason to stick to throughout the quitting process.
  • Few long term smokers can quit all at once. While you might think that going cold turkey is the best solution, approximately 95% of people that try to quit smoking without an aid eventually relapse. Consider a nicotine replacement to wean yourself off of the addictive substance.
  • Get your friends and family involved. Having people around you that know what you’re going through, can make or break your commitment.
  • Get physical. Whether you enjoy going to the beach, windsurfing, or taking your dog for a stroll, activity will help distract you from any withdrawal symptoms.


At Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry we’re all about giving you a beautiful, healthy smile to be proud of, and smoking occasionally is a part of the equation! If you’d like to keep your smile, we encourage you to take a chance on us, it is worth smiling about!