Shop Confidently with the ADA Seal

Have you taken a walk down the toothpaste aisle lately? It seems that the number of available choices grows each day. When choosing the right toothbrush, mouthwash, or toothpaste, all of the different options can get overwhelming. Look for the ADA seal and you won’t need to worry if you’re making the right choice for your teeth.

The American Dental Association offers its seal of acceptance to products that have been scientifically evaluated and deemed both safe and effective. When you choose a product marked with the ADA Accepted seal that means you’re choosing a product that’s met the ADA’s stringent list of requirements. In order for products to become ADA accepted, companies are actually often asked to meet higher standards than what is required by law.

Next time you’re standing in the middle of the aisle scratching your head, simply look for the green and white ADA accepted label and you won’t be sorry. Should you have any questions regarding which dental health products are ideal for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact the compassionate staff here at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry. We look forward to serving as your dentist here in Sea Ranch Lakes.