Preserve Your Teeth with Proper Brushing Techniques

Brushing your teeth is like riding a bike; once you learn how to do it you’ll never forget. But what if you never learned the proper way to brush your teeth? Your teeth are the only part of your body that will never age, wrinkle, or grow old, and with proper care will last your entire life. As your dentist in South Florida we’d like to take a moment to share with you the proper brushing techniques required to preserve your teeth.

  • Use an electric toothbrush
  • Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums.
  • Gently move a soft-bristled, oscillating electric toothbrush back and forth in short strokes approximately “tooth-wide.”
  • Brush all surfaces of your teeth including the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces.
  • In order to clean the inside surfaces of your teeth tilt the brush vertically and make strokes in an up and down fashion, from the gum to the top of each individual tooth.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to remove bacteria and keep your breath fresh.

Brushing adequately twice a day, each and every day in addition to regular flossing will help you to keep up with your dental health between professional cleanings. When you schedule your appointment at Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry, ask about receiving care in one of our private rooms. At home you brush your teeth in the privacy of your bathroom and we believe your professional cleanings at our office are oral therapies that remove the bacterial buildup from areas of your teeth that you could not access at home, by yourself.