How much Fluoride Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

How Much Fluoride is in the Drinking Water?

‘What’s in the water?’ This common question is often used in both a symbolic and literal way. When it comes to the actual water provided by city systems across the country, however, change is coming. As your Sea Lakes Ranch dentist, we are attune to matters of public policy that affect your dental health and always want to keep you […]

Dentist performing a screening on female patient

Oral Cancer Screenings Save More than Just Your Smile!

“Dentist” and “cancer,” are two words that not very many people like to hear. But as your dentist here in Fort Lauderdale, we feel very strongly about the importance of receiving an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer can sneak up on you, and if you’re not paying attention, it can threaten your overall health. When you visit Dr. Joe Thomas […]

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Floss Is Boss!

Do you floss your teeth once a day? When you don’t floss at least once a day, you’re putting your dental health at risk. Even if you’re the best tooth brusher in all of South Florida, without flossing, you’re putting yourself at risk of gingivitis and eventually the loss of your teeth. While flossing seems self-explanatory, it’s important to understand […]