Things to DO in Vero Beach, Florida While Not Visiting the Dentist!

Vero Beach Florida Things to DoVero Beach is a city within India River County in Florida State, with a population of 15.220 according to the 2010 census and a population density of 440 people per square kilometer. The total surface of Vero Beach is 34.61 square kilometers, from which 29.62 square kilometers belong to land and 4.99 square kilometers to water.

The natural beauty of Vero Beach is famous all across the state of Florida. Here you can enjoy a moderate climate thanks to the warmth of the tropical waters of the Gulf: the winters are mild and the summers get some fresh breezes from the ocean, maintaining a nice average weather of 73 °F.

Indian River County is very conveniently located between the Palm Beach County and the Cape Canaveral area. It’s only a 40 minute drive from Melbourne International Airport, one hour drive from Palm Beach International Airport and one and a half hour drive from Orlando International Airport.

The beaches here at Vero Beach are part of Florida’s Treasure Coast. In total, there are 26 miles of beaches in Indian River County, forming a huge oceanfront shore that gives you hundreds of possibilities to choose from. The most important and famous beaches where thousands of tourists come and relax every year are South Beach, Humiston Park and Jaycee Park. All of them are lifeguard protected from 9 AM to 5 PM. Dog Parks are an important part of Vero Beach as well, with the Vero Beach Dog Park being the most famous one: it offers a wonderful piece of green space that is free to visit and includes both large and small areas, plenty of wide space for your dog, and different doggie drinking fountains.

Among the many activities that can be done in Vero Beach you will find swimming, navigation, surf, diving, fishing and parachuting. Moreover, here you will find many tennis courts, cycling or hiking paths, picnics by the seaside or camping by the river. All of these can be enjoyed at any time of the year! Biking at Vero Beach is an amazing experience: who doesn’t want to bike along this impressive natural beauty? If you want to rent a bike, there are several options: the most important rental bike places are Alan’s Bicycle Center (2020 Commerce Avenue, Vero Beach) and Orchid Island Bikes & Kayaks (1175 Commerce Avenue, Vero Beach). In case you’re looking for some golf for your holidays, Vero Beach can be a great option for you: the Indian River Club is an astonishing residential club that has a golf course that has been acclaimed at a national level and has been featured in ESPN and Link Magazine, among others, and became an important host of national venues. It is ranked among Florida’s 50 favorite’s golf courses.

If you are also looking for a cultural touch to your holidays, you won’t be disappointed by Vero Beach either: the Vero Beach Museum of Art offers exhibitions all around the world. Another great option among cultural venues is the Signature Art Gallery, which shows great artwork by both local and internationally renowned artists. This Art Gallery shows art pieces from more than thirty different artists, consisting on everything from digital media to original pieces, sculptures, paintings on canvas or on metal, and much more. The Signature Art Gallery is the kind of place that you are most likely to find only in much bigger cities, but it’s a great example of how Vero Beach is able to surprise you in every possible way.

If you’re looking for theaters, the most important by far is the Riverside Theater, a place in which more than three hundred shows are performed every year. Most of the shows that take place at Riverside Theater are carried out by actors, directors and designers that come from New York. Besides the Riverside Theater, you also have some other options such as the Space Coast Symphony, which is a passionate Florida professional level orchestra, the Vero Beach Opera, that operates fully staged professional opera productions, or the Ballet Vero Beach, which is the only professional dance company in the region and promotes the art of dance as a significant part of the community.

There are plenty of ecological tourism activities that can be performed at Vero Beach. Many ecological centers can be visited, such as the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, which was created by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903 as the first bird’s national reserve, the Sebastian Inlet State Park, the McKee Botanical Garden or the Blue Cypress Lake. Here you will also find the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, which is the world’s largest snapping turtle’s refuge. At this place there are night tours available that let you see the birth of these turtles and how they get into the ocean. If you’d like to get a glimpse of the amazing biological diversity that lies below this area’s waters, you can visit the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit, which is located inside St Lucie County Aquarium. This place is more than a simple aquarium: it provides school students and public in general some understanding of the world that takes place underwater. The exhibition helps people understand the deep complexity of a marine ecosystem, with all kinds of animals and plants interacting with each other.

In terms of accommodation, since tourism at Vero Beach is continuously growing, you will be able to find many different options of all kinds. Some of the most famous and award-winners hotels are Costa d’Este Beach Resort, Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

So, if you were thinking about where to go during your next vacations in Florida, all of the above should have been enough to convince you already. Vero Beach is one of the top Florida destinations. It’s not very common anymore to find a place with such astonishing natural beauty accompanied by so many different possible activities for you to carry out, and all of these within a relaxed environment at a city with no tall buildings or huge crowds to affect your tranquility.

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