closeup of woman brushing teeth Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Four Life Hacks for Healthy Teeth and Gums 

Everyone wants clean teeth and healthy gums. After all oral health is an indicator of overall good health . After oral therapy to restore your oral health from Drs. Abraham and Thomas, maintaining a healthy smile can be easy, and following these life hacks will make it even more manageable. We recommend holding very hot water (almost as hot as […]

Girl with a painful tooth in a medical office Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

We all have habits. Some are great, like brushing and flossing everyday; some are not so great, like smoking and drinking beverages that contain sugar and starches. Those bad habits are obviously detrimental to your teeth as smoking stains your teeth. As your Sea Ranch Lakes Dentist we wanted to point out a few other innocuous habits that can cause […]

Bad for your teeth Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Foods that are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

When it comes to choosing your mid-afternoon snack, it is important to think of a variety of factors – including the impact that snack may have on your dental health. We previously looked at the foods that your teeth crave because of their beneficial traits, but here is a list of the foods to avoid when taking care of your […]

Quit Smikoing and Keep Smiling Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Tips to Quit Smoking and Keep Smiling

At our established Dental Office here in South Florida we’ve treated many people that smoke or used to smoke. As we discussed in our recent blog, smoking has the ability to tremendously affect your dental health in a negative way. If you’re thinking about giving up this unhealthy habit, consider the following tips for quitting:   Know exactly why you […]

Truth About Smoking Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

The Truth About Smoking and Your Dental Health

We all have our habits; but some are worse for our teeth than others. As your local dentist here in South Florida, Dr. Thomas warns his patients of the risks of smoking tobacco. While you may have previously heard that smoking is bad for your lungs and overall health, it can also severely impact your oral health. The following dental […]

Battle with Bad Breath Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Tips for Winning the Battle with Bad Breath

Have you been told that you have halitosis/bad breath? Once someone makes it a point to call you out on your breath, it can be difficult to regain that self-confidence, even with a bright white smile. If you’re concerned about your breath then consider the following pieces of advice from your Sea Ranch Lakes dentist: Brush your entire mouth, including […]